‘Mechs and equipment are usually painted dark green. When appropriate, the unit sometimes switches to three-color camouflage. The Hussars trim all their machines in jade green. Per FM: Capellan Confederation, pages 78 and 82. Other references: none

Name changes:
Renamed to 2nd Liao Hussars sometime between 3113 and 3144.


Like other Capellan reserve regiments, the LCC chose not to adopt a divisional crest. Instead, LCC BattleMechs and equipment display the Confederation insignia. To differentiate themselves from the reserves of other commonalities, the LCC’s Confederation crest is backed by a green field. The regimental insignia is a daodao sword slashing a black circular field, trailing red sparks and silver stars. Per FM:Capellan Confederation, pages 78 and 82.